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About the AM Alumni Society

Graduated students from the Aviation Management (AM) course have all one thing in common: they have been part of an ambitious learning course with a solid connection to the aviation industry. The AM course provides selected students a starting point for further study and future careers. The Aviation Management alumni would like to maintain contact with other alumni and the course. Without doubt, the AM course wants to maintain the relationship with her alumni.

The Aviation Management Alumni Society offers each alumni of the Aviation Management course the possibility to maintain contact with the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, the AM course and above all, your fellow alumni.

Established in 2007, the Aviation Management Alumni Society is a young society with the same ambition level as the AM course. The society will offer various services like annual events. Each year a knowledge event will be held in April and a social event will be organized in October. The knowledge event will house a seminar comprised of a mixture between alumni, people from the industry, and current AM students. Next to these events the Society organizes informal drinks and dinners throughout the year. The diverse package of services consists furthermore of promotion deals with other companies, an interactive website with a member and information database, half-yearly alumni newsletter and a life long network of AM alumni.

The Society has brought a mission and vision together in five…

Organize knowledge events, social events and offering services for the Aviation Management alumni

By organizing a knowledge event, alumni together with lecturers and people from the aviation industry will be brought together to debate on aviation related topics. The social event aims to provide the opportunity of sharing experiences and knowledge between alumni mutually, and professionals within the industry externally. The society will try to establish a good reputation within the Aviation Management world. This broadens the network even more, creating more opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange.

The alumni society website, as a main communication medium

By means of the website the society will present their goals, activities, members and board to the public. The website will incorporate a member area in which members can find each other in a member database. This database will contain personal info, resumes, contact info, projects and a forum and will contain an extensive database with presentations, papers, researches and other information.

Increase fellowship among the alumni and current students

Fellowship and a good understanding among each other can create an environment in which aviation managers are able to communicate mutually. Networking is the key note in this environment. Alumni as well as current students and lecturers will be able to contact alumni when questions arise.

Encourage and assist the development of the Aviation Management programme

With the alumni, a great deal of intelligence and skills comes along. This knowledge and experience in the field can be used for the development of the Aviation Management programme. Guest lectures or presentations about internships/jobs can be organized for the programme. Furthermore the alumni could pass real life problems for the use of cases in the programme.

Promote the identity and image of the Aviation Management programme nationally and internationally

The society will be a visiting card to the public. As an organization we will indirectly represent the Aviation Management programme. The alumni working in management positions with a successful career could strengthen the position of the course. Due to internships/jobs both in The Netherlands and abroad, the Aviation Management programme can strive for a higher professional status.

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